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At Sports Zone Malaysia, we specialise in the installation of squash court system which consists of timber sports flooring, glass-back wall, playboard and wall finishes.

As a squash court contractor, our aim is to provide a reliable, professional and high standard service to ensure your squash court has the perfect playing characteristics and durability in the most economical solution. Our professional team has special expertise and technique to build a highly engineered squash court system that can fulfill all requirements for squash.

Our range of services includes new squash court installation, installation of timber sports flooring, floor sanding & sealing, and play wall plastering. Whether you are looking for a new squash court installation or refurbishment of your existing squash court, we should be your first call.


WallPlaster squash


We utilize the squash court wall plaster system that has a unique combination of smoothness and strength, providing accurate and durable playing surfaces capable of withstanding the constant pounding of balls & rackets.

The other benefits of our wall plaster system include tremendous impact resistance, outstanding durability and low maintenance.

squash glass back wall


Nowadays, squash glass walls have revolutionised squash design, helping massively to popularise the game - most new squash courts these days have glass-back walls.  

Our glass back wall system is approved and met the highest manufacturing standard. It fully complies with all safety and performance criteria as well as the requirement of International Sports Governing Body.

Squash Sports Floor


The timber sports flooring system has become the predominant surface for squash game. Our special enginnered timber playing surface is completely smooth, flat and joint-free. The tongue and groove connection between panels guarantees durability.

Our fully sprung surface offers tremendous shock absorption, resilience and ball bounce. It absorbs impact energy, safeguarding the health and fitness of players by helping avoid injuries to knees, ankles and lower backs.


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